Baby Jay

Hi Everyone! I may be the cutest, little mascot you’ve ever seen but I have a large personality. Let me tell you how I met my best friend, Big Jay. In October 1971, I was hatched from a giant egg on the 50-yard-line at the football Homecoming game halftime. Ever since then, I have just loved playing with him and all the friends I meet. It is so exciting when I go to the games with Big Jay and watch the athletes win! There’s nothing I love more than supporting KU and seeing all my friends Wave the Wheat. Say it with me: ROCK CHALK, JAYHAWK!

Address: 3rd Floor of Allen Fieldhouse aka "The Nest"
Height: Half the size of Big Jay!
Weight: Quite a bit (I haven't lost all my Baby fat…)
Jersey Number: #1/2
Favorite Movie: Lion King (Zazu makes me giggle but Scar scares me!)
Favorite Activities: Playing with all my friends & Big Jay, Blowing bubbles, Drawing with chalk (Rock Chalk!)
Favorite Food: Veggies (keep me strong & my feathers fluffy!)
Favorite Band: University of Kansas Marching Band
Favorite Song: I'm a Jayhawk
Favorite Books: "The Three Little Jayhawks" & "Max & the Jayhawks"